Hi, my name is Katerina Winters, I am a romance writer based out of Dallas, Texas. My interest in romance novels started at a young age through my adventures in “estate sales” with my mom. My first novel was found tucked away in a dusty loft with a tiny green sticker stuck to the front that read "five cents". Title: Captive Ecstasy. Plot: White girl captured by the world's hottest Native American. Cover art: so wonderfully 1980's cheesy, it had me tossing a dime the attendant's way not bothering with the change.


Since that tender age I have mastered the formula that is “Romance novels”. Without sounding like a total braggart, I am an expert of weaving together lurid plots of fantasy for my readers while giving them the required elements they need to immerse themselves into my dirty world.

Katerina Winters

Dallas, Tx


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